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Schuyler Line

SLNC Magothy

MV SLNC Magothy

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Flag: US Flag


GRT/NRT: 15,549 / 6089, Panama NT: 12.957, Suez GRT:   16.050 UMS/PC 12844

DWT: 18,388.50 MT (usable 16,710.90 MT

Draft (SSW): 9.5M ssw, resp. 9.704M fw

LOA: 166.15 M, LBP: 156.00 m, Beam: 22.90 M, Depth: 13.90 M


Multi-purpose dry cargo ship BMW, GL + 100 A5 E3 all the way to AUT, Ice-class

Equipped for carriage of containers; Strengthened for heavy cargo; MC E3 AUT


MAN 7L 58/64 9.800 kW


2 x 400 MT SWL El,-Hydr.Cranes NMF (port side mounted), combinable up to 800 mt SWL

1 X 120 MT SWL El,-Hydr. Crane NMF (starboard mounted)



Hold no. 1 cbm: 3.889 cbm

Hold no. 2 cbm: 20.070 cbm

Total cbm: abt 23.960 cbm, (excl. twd) or abt 846.267 cbft

abt. 22.520 cbm, (incl. twd w/o 6 extra panels) Or abt 794.771 cbft         

Hatchcover sqm: abt. 1.972 sqm

Tweendeck sqm: abt 1.771 sqm + 6 extra panels

Lower Hold sqm: abt. 1.786 sqm

Total sqm: abt. 5.529 sqm + 6 extra panels


No. of holds: 2

Hold form: double skinned, boxshaped/narrow stepwise in container dimensions


Hatch1: abt. 25.60m (25.20m opening) x abt 13.50m (13.10m opening)

Hatch 2: abt. 86.50m (86.10m opening) x abt 18.40m (18.00m opening)

Project: Thule Air Base Resupply Mission

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In July, Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC (SLNC) performed the annual Thule Air Base resupply mission: Operation Pacer Goose 2016.  The resupply mission was a collaborative effort between SLNC and Military Sealift Command.

Thule Air Base is the United States Air Force’s northernmost base, located roughly 1500 km from the North Pole and more than 1200 km north of the Arctic Circle.  The base only receives one delivery per year of cargo and supplies from the United States.

SLNC Corsica was used for the mission, departing Norfolk, VA and arriving in Thule on July 16, 2016.


In addition to transporting critical cargo for the military base, the Corsica also had the unique privilege of transporting a new radio telescope that will be used to study black holes.  The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have been collaborating on a project to triangulate telescopes in Hawaii, Chile and now in Thule in an effort to create an ultra powerful telescope capable of capturing proof of black holes.

SLNC took great care to ensure that this telescope arrived at the destination in pristine condition.  Prior to the voyage, the telescope had to be meticulously deconstructed, tested, and reconstructed to ensure that it would be able to withstand both the voyage and the harsh environment in Greenland.

Operation Pacer Goose 2016 Timelapse

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