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Interested in a career shipping out after graduation?
Want to learn the shoreside operations of a U.S. Flag shipping company?
Apply for a Schuyler Line Navigation Company Internship! 

2021 SUNY Maritime Internship opportunities

About the Program

The U.S. Flag industry has a shortage of qualified senior licensed & junior officers who are keen to make a career in U.S. Flag shipping. Schuyler Line Navigation Company is interested in taking an active role in recruiting and training future mariners through our internship program. This unique internship opportunity would allow SUNY Maritime students to learn the inner workings of our shoreside operations and develop valuable relationships aboard the vessels and in our offices that will serve them well in their future career endeavors.  

SUNY Second Class cadets would have the opportunity to complement their academic and shipboard experience with hands-on experience at our headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland and aboard one of our U.S. Flag vessels. Each year, we intend to offer two internships (one deck, one engine) but SLNC reserves the right to change internships to two deck or two engine internships depending on capacity.   

Program Requirements

Ideal candidates would include SUNY Maritime Second Class students with an exemplary academic record and a commitment to shipping out after graduation.  Candidates need to either be U.S. Citizens or Green Card holders, hold U.S. Mariner credentials upon graduation, and eligible for secret clearance with the U.S. Government. In addition, the candidates must be comfortable joining a shipping union. The internship program is open only to SUNY Maritime students at this timeAPPLICANTS MUST:

  • Have applied to the SUNY Cadet Shipping Program
  • Completed third class MUG tour
  • Completed requisite commercial cadet shipping courses
  • Be at least 18 years of age

After completing an internship cycle, graduation, and licensing, SLNC may choose to offer a job to the candidate pending successful graduation/certification and training. Billets across the SLNC fleet will be offered through union employment and the company can provide guidance during the internship to assist.


ScholarshipSUNY Maritime students who are selected to participate in the Cadet Shipping Program aboard a SLNC vessel will be rewarded with a tiered scholarship. Students will be notified of their scholarship during spring of their Sophomore year and initial funds would be received by the start of the Junior year.   

TIER 1: Junior Year 

For their Junior year, the selected interns will receive a $5,000 scholarship that will be deposited directly to the student’s account at SUNY Maritime.

Pending successful completion of:  

    1. Shoreside internship
    2. Cadet shipping aboard an SLNC vessel  
    3. Successful evaluations by shoreside supervisors and vessel captains
    4. Remote Project (or internship) during Junior year 

TIER 2: Senior Year 

Upon successful completion of the above requirements, students will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship to be deposited to the student’s account at SUNY Maritime by the start of their fourth/Senior year.

**Please note that SLNC reserves the right to withhold the Senior/fourth year scholarship if the student has not performed satisfactorily on any of the above items.

Paid internship: SLNC will provide interns with a paid internship opportunity during their time in Annapolis. In addition, SLNC will offer accommodations with either a host family or other local accommodation at no cost to the student. If the student prefers to make their own lodging arrangements, this will be at their own cost. 

Per diem: SLNC will provide interns with a $20 per diem for each day that the intern is in Annapolis. The per diem is meant to assist with food and transportation costs that the intern may incur during their time in Annapolis.

Travel: SLNC will cover the cost for the student to travel to/from our headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland and to/from the vessel that they will be shipping out on. 

Dates and Deadlines for Current Sophomore Cohort:

  • March 12, 2021SLNC internship application deadline 
  • March 2021: SLNC to interview potential cadets
  • March 26, 2021: Junior scholarship announced, and billets awarded for two cadets (1 deck, 1 engine)  
    • (current sophomore/second year students) 
  • May-August 2021: Two weeks in office
  • June-July-August 2021Cadet ship aboard an SLNC vessel  

Third Year of School 

  • Winter term internship in office if schedule permits (510 days)


  • Completion of remote project 
  • Intern breakfast/dinner in March of Junior Year 

Fourth Year of School  

  • AugustPending successful completion of all Junior Year duties (Shoreside internshipCadet shipping aboard an SLNC vesselSuccessful evaluations by shoreside supervisors and vessel captainsRemote Project (or internship) during Junior year), student receives $5K scholarship disbursed to their SUNY account.   
  • Fall Career Fair: Touchpoint TBD (dinner with interns in the fall, etc 

Application Requirements

Applicants must apply to SUNY Maritime Cadet Shipping Program. When applying to Cadet Shipping Program, they will need to fill out the supplemental Schuyler Line Navigation Company internship application. At the start of the internships, qualified applicants must be: 

  • A SUNY Maritime student in their second year of study who has applied to the Cadet Shipping Program.   
  • Preference may be given to those enrolled in the Strategic Sealift Officer Program  

 The application requires the following components. Please be prepared to provide the following: 

  • A 100-word autobiography 
  • A short 500-word essay stating your objectives and expectations of a SLNC Line internship and how they relate to your goals. Please focus on your reasons for pursuing a career in shipping out and in the US Merchant Marine. 
  • A resume, to be uploaded as a PDF.
  • Contact information for three references: 
    • Must include at least one previous employer and one professor from SUNY Maritime.
    • Official transcript 

→Click here to apply to the SLNC Internship Program