West African & Ascension Liner Service

Sailing Houston on the 20th of every month


Sailing Jacksonville on the 25th of every month

Ascension service RMS Helena

  • Serving all main ports of call including Dakar, Bissau, Cotonou, Douala, Freetown, Lome, Azores (Prai Da Vitoria), Canary Islands (Las Palmas), Monrovia, Nouakchott, Tema and Ascension (via direct sailing or transshipment via 2nd party carriers)
  • US Flag (P1) service performed on MV Norfolk or Sub, Owner’s option
  • US Flag (P2) service performed on MV Norfolk or Sub with oncarriage by 2nd party carrier
  • Foreign flag (P3) service performed on MV Trade Navigator, MV Pioneer or sub
  • Service to Ascension: SLNC offers service to Ascension en route to West African ports of call.  Ascension was primarily serviced by the Royal Mail Ship St Helena but the vessel suspended service in 2016 when Ascension’s first airport opened.  SLNC offers scheduled service to and from Ascension and our vessels can transport a wide variety of reefer and dry containers and break-bulk cargo.  SLNC offers warehousing and LCL rates in Jacksonville.  If you need assistance sourcing, procuring, and purchasing items, our ship chandlers are available and ready to assist.

Schedule (tentative- additional dates may be added) 

Sailing from Florida to Ascension and back

For more detailed information about our service to Ascension or to understand how we can supplement RMS St Helena service, contact us at cargo@schuylerline.com.  Call for cargo cut offs.