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SLNC Celebrates National Maritime Day!

May 22 is National Maritime Day! Schuyler Line Navigation Company is honored to celebrate the history of the United States Merchant Marine and the brave Merchant Mariners before us who served our country during peace time and in war.

We are deeply grateful to our crew, port teams, and shoreside staff who keep our U.S. flag vessels sailing safely and efficiently, even amidst a global pandemic.  The maritime industry is more critical than ever before to our country’s economic and national security and we are so grateful for the men and women who are steadfast in their support of our industry and unwavering in their commitment to our country.

We also want to acknowledge the challenging conditions that many of our mariners are facing in the midst of COVID-19. Crew changes have been delayed, crew must quarantine before embarking and after disembarking, and many are faced with leaving their loved ones at home among uncertain circumstances.  As a company and as an industry, we are working tirelessly to find solutions to these obstacles and to keep our mariners safe and healthy.  We are humbled by their dedication to our country, to our industry, and to our company.

In honor of National Maritime Day and as a salute to our exceptional crew stationed around the world, we’d like to share the video of the SLNC Magothy’s recent voyage to McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  SLNC Magothy was chartered as part of  Military Sealift Command’s Operation Deep Freeze, the annual resupply mission for the National Science Foundation’s U.S. Antarctic Program. Watch now.  

Thank you to our crew, port teams and shoreside staff for literally going to the ends of the Earth for us.


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