Schuyler Services LLC

A3B38E17-21A1-427B-B7DD-1E9AE5287077Schuyler Services LLC is an affiliate of Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC.  Schuyler Services manages and operates stevedoring services to load/unload vessels and offers associated freight handling services with the transport of cargo in US and overseas ports.

Schuyler Services owns, leases, and operates equipment to provide: bagging, trans-loading, lightening services, inland trucking, container and break-bulk stevedoring services.



We have a diverse fleet of chassis, gensets, containers, yard mules to service remote ports that require turn-key stevedoring services. Along with the supervision and labor required. Contact us to see how we can help you with our services.


Marca: HAWCO, Mod: RCSL-900, S/N 1193-A-1, P/Kgs. 7.847,28  Schuyler Services also offers grab rentals.




 EOT Spar

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Cargo Superintendent Services
Schuyler Services LLC is pleased to offer clients professional cargo superintendent services at all of the ports of call that they service. SLNC’s experienced, professional Port Captains are able to provide cargo layouts, supervision of loading and discharging of project cargoes around the world. Our Superintendents will handle all port operations for your delivery including stevedoring, line handling, and emergency response, allowing you to rest easy that your cargo will arrive safely and securely to its final destination.